• HTML 5


      Topics Covered: Intro, New Elements, Canvas, SVG, Drag/Drop, Geolocation, Video, Audio, Input Types, Form Elements, Form Attributes, Semantic, Web Storage, App Cache, Web Workers, SSE

    • CSS 3


      Topics Covered: Introduction, Borders, Backgrounds, Gradients, Text Effects, Fonts, 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, Transitions, Animations, Multiple Columns, User Interface

    • DreamWeaver 8

      macromedia dreamweaverTopics Covered: Basics, Interface, Defining a Site, Working with Text, Establishing Web Links, Inserting Images, Setting up Tables, Using Frames, Interactive Forms, Adding Multimedia Elements, Using Dreamweaver Templates, Working with Layers, Using Behaviors, Other features, HTML and Dreamweaver

    • Photoshop Courses


      Topics Covered: Introduction, Looking at the Work Area, Getting Images into Photoshop, Working with Color,Making Color and Tonal Adjustments, Selecting, Transforming and Retouching, Drawing, Painting, Using Channels and Masks, Using Layers, Applying Filters for Special Effects, Using Type Designing Web Pages, Preparing Graphics for the Web, Saving and Exporting Images, Printing (Photoshop),Windows Shortcuts

  • Give Your Site A Brand New Look

  • 01. Load Demo

    If you’re like me and spend countless hours messing around with (themes/plugins etc) you also know what it feels like to have to repeatedly create content to flesh out those web projects. This is not only time consuming, it is also very, very frustrating. Think about it – you have to create batches of posts, multiple pages, handfuls of menu items, lists of categories, tags, and lets not forget we want loads and loads of users.

  • 02. Customize

    You can customize what is included in this page by selecting from the Customize this Quick Reference section which Technologies, Levels of success criteria, and Sections of techniques you want to include. Techniques, and Understanding documents,Note that even content that conforms at the highest level (AAA) will not be accessible to individuals with all types, degrees, or combinations of disability, particularly in the cognitive language and learning areas. Authors are encouraged to seek relevant advice about current best practice to ensure that Web content is accessible, as far as possible, to this community.

  • 03. Support

    Stay up-to-date: Subscribe to Web Service’s Content Developers Mailing List for OmniUpdate and ongoing support notices Support for OmniUpdate and Web Page editing best Practices for web communications, presentation, and site management, Quality Assurance: Enhancing our website. We provide one-on-one and group training and support for OmniUpdate (content management system) and develop training materials for using OmniUpdate to edit information on your website.

  • 04. Design Audit

    Guidance on the architecture, design, and content of client websites is provided for the organizations we support. Visual/graphic design, Front-end (CSS, HTML, etc.) coding, Information architecture, Website production, Web solutions for “programs within departments,” or events, for example, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, is not a project supported by Computing Services, but we can offer a couple of options.

How Does It Work?

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